luni, 5 ianuarie 2009


It's mid 19th century and Central Europe has taken a special interest in folklore and fairytales. In the quest to define one's national identity folk tales are collected and sold as precious heritage.

Fantasy sells even though very few people believe in it. However for Mihai Deleanu the adventures of those storybook characters, his grandma used to speak about when he was little are pretty real. Fairies, witches and warlocks, dangerous man-eating monsters, unsettled spirits and undead - he can see them through his "gifted" right eye.

He knows them, knows the world they inhabit but most of all knows how thin the line between the two realities really is.

The secret of his right eye and his determination to compile an unusual fairytales anthology lead him in search of the famed Black Witch or Black Fairy who is said to know the answer to any question.

The adventure begins here....
Around 1856 Romanian countryside, the Deleanu domain...

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